Rhodesian Ridgback Litter

RidgebackLitter – 2 Day´s old

Kioma Klee

Rhodesian Ridgeback – Female – 2012

Duplo Diamond

Rhodesian Ridgeback – Male – 2016

Adabu Dominik

Rhodesian Ridgeback – Male – 2016

Zejak Heidi

Rhodesian Ridgeback – Female – 2015

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Mapacha Kalles Rhodesian Ridgeback – 

Breeders according to FCI rules and genetic health

Our Services

We look after you during the puppy rearing. We advise you on the feeding of your dog. Advice, health and breeding at Mapacha Kalles Rhodesian Ridgeback in the Eifel / Germany 


All Dogs checked by Ridgeback International and all dogs are studied for breeding. My dogs have a genetic profile by Ridgeback International.


We are planning a litter for winter 2017.


Our dogs are fed B.A.R.F. With vegetables and herbs of perNaturam.